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Bruce Banner OG (BX) (Regular)

 Bruce Banner OG (BX)


Genetics: (Strawberry Snow Cone x OG Kush Ghost Cut) x Bruce Banner #3
Type: Sativa leaning
Seed Type: Regular seeds
Flowering: 9 weeks
Yield: Good
Potency: High


Regular seed packets include 12 seeds

Bruce Banner #3 is renowned for being one of the most powerful strains in existence. It was a cross
between Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. Since I already was working with a Strawberry Diesel that turned
out to be a rockstar. The Ghost cut is considered by many to be the most potent and flavorful of all the OG
Kush phenos. These seeds are a first generation cross so phenos will vary but first generation crosses can
also result in unusually vigorous plants due to “hybrid vigor”. With parents like this, you can be sure to find
an amazing keeper

Bruce Banner OG (BX) (Regular)

C$130.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price
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