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Peanut Butter Mochi (7g - $50 / 14g - $80 / 28g - $150) (THC 30%)

The delicious Peanut Butter Breath X Mochi strains produced the rich and delectable Peanut Butter Mochi weed, which is a unique evenly balanced hybrid strain(50% indica/50% sativa) derived from them.


When it comes to flavour, this peanut butter mochi strain delivers a sweet and nutty peanut butter taste with undertones of spicy-sweet scent on the exhale with a rich herbal overtone.


The flavour is lovely, with undertones of wood and soil. The Peanut Butter Mochi is a timeless classic, with a relaxing and tingly impact that affects both mind and body in high doses.


The combination of energy and relaxation will leave you feeling simultaneously uplifted and calm. With a punch of euphoria that has your spirits soaring, you’ll be feeling alive. As the high builds, a tingly sensation will spread throughout your whole body, bringing you to light sedation without putting you to sleep.


The physical side of this high will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease with any pain that you may be experiencing. The cerebral side of the high will leave your mind feeling clearheaded and focused while also uplifted and happy.


This cannabis strain has other health advantages. Because of its calming and relaxing effects, it’s frequently used to treat disorders such as chronic pain, fatigue, sadness, tension, hunger loss or nausea, and chronic tiredness. It’s also great for treating conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and muscle spasms or tension. This marijuana strain has a high that is both cerebral and physical which is very similar to one of the strains that we also carry called Girl Scout cookies.


Possible Side Effects: Drowsiness, couch-lock, dry mouth, and eyes.


The buds of this marijuana strain are covered in a thick coat of tiny white crystal trichomes and have dark olive green leaves, light orange hairs, and a rich grape-shaped minty green nug.

Peanut Butter Mochi (7g - $50 / 14g - $80 / 28g - $150) (THC 30%)

PriceFrom C$50.00