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Psychedelic Shrooms Thrasher (7g - $50 / 14g - $80 / 28g - $150)

Thrasher PE magic mushrooms emerge as a fresh and innovative variant, stemming from the Melmac Penis Envy lineage.

The origins of Thrasher PE can be traced back to a skilled mycologist’s experimentation with the Melmac PE strain. During their research, they cultivated a variant boasting a remarkable combination of desirable traits, giving birth to the Thrasher PE strain. Appearance-wise, these big, beautiful mushrooms feature thick, long, and substantial pale stems that display a blue bruising when picked, indicating a high psilocybin content. The caps are relatively small and exhibit a beige hue.

Thrasher PE mushrooms offer an intense and transformative psychedelic experience. For those seeking a deeper level of self-exploration or a more vivid sensory journey, this intriguing strain has become a popular choice in the world of magic mushrooms.

Due to their long and dense texture when dried, it’s essential to use a scale for accurate dosage measurement before consumption.

Start with a low dose and consume responsibly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Psychedelic Shrooms Thrasher (7g - $50 / 14g - $80 / 28g - $150)

PriceFrom C$50.00
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