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*NEW* Red Congolese (7g - $50 / 14g - $80 / 28g - $150) (THC 30%)

Red Congolese is a viral pure Sativa strain of cannabis. The original breeder of this strain is unknown, but the strain has exploded in availability and popularity in recent years. This strain is a cross between some Afghani Landrace, a Mexican Sativa, and Congolese. Most notable about this flower is that it took home the 3rd Place prize at High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013, cementing its popularity in cannabis history.


Unfortunately, Red Congolese buds don’t take on the colour red in place of the typical greens of buds. This minty-green flower is often accented with deep reds and oranges and is covered by a thick coating of off-white trichomes. Pulling this bud out of its packaging will usually leave a sticky, resin-like substance on your fingers. Many cannabis users, whether recreational or medical, have written about just how tasty this bud is. When you open the packaging of Red Congolese, a mushroom cloud of dank aroma will quickly fill your room, tickling the nose of anyone in the vicinity. Keen observers have noted intense scents of cheese and fruit in addition to spice and berry. The flavour of the smoke from this bud is much the same as its scent, a fruity, cheesy flavour with hints of spice and berries.


Smokers most often use Red Congolese in the morning or during the day. Many report this strain being their go-to wake-and-bake strain, as its effects are incredibly beneficial to start your day. This and its potent effects make this strain great for medical and recreational cannabis users.


Immediately upon exhale, expect this high to fall somewhere in the middle between a creeper and a KO. Although it might take you a moment or two to realize how tall you are, Red Congolese will surely get the job done. Your awareness and focus instantly increase as soon as you become aware of your stoned state of being.


Many report elation and happiness as the leading emotions from this high. As your troubles and woes melt away, expect your ability to focus and creatively finish your work, do your chores, or finish up that essay to be elevated. While your mind is hyper-focused on the tasks before you, a slight tingling body high will alleviate minor aches and pains while amplifying your physical senses. This body high has reportedly also led to physical relaxation and arousal. As this high fades, your work ethic will slowly diminish as you are left in a quiet, peaceful, and restful tranquillity state.

*NEW* Red Congolese (7g - $50 / 14g - $80 / 28g - $150) (THC 30%)

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