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Psychedelic Shrooms Albino A+ ($50 - 7g / $70 - 14g/ $130 - 28g)

The Albino A+ p. cubensis is not a true albino strain, but a “leucistic” mushroom. This means that it has lost a lot, but not all, of its pigment. Albino A+ potency is considered high, and we would not recommend it for beginning psychonauts. These pseudo-albino shrooms, just one of the types of albino psyilocybe cubensis, have a light cream color on their stems and a darker cream colored cap. For more info on these albino shrooms, and an Albino A+ trip report, read on!


SPECIES | Psilocybe cubensis – there is some speculation that these albino shrooms are actually a hybrid with the Panaeolus genus, another type of psychedelic mushroom.

ORIGIN | The exact origin of this strain is unknown. The mushrooms grow primarily on dung in subtropical climates. There is some debate as to whether the leucistic version of the strain or its more usually-pigmented cousin is the original. Most experts come down on the side of the regularly-pigmented version. An outlying, and perhaps none-too-serious group of investigators also claim these albino shrooms came from space!


POTENCY | With regard to Albino A+ potency, the majority of reviews of this strain note how potent it is. This potency has contributed to the popularity of Albino A+, but also flags it for us as a strain that should be approached with caution by new trippers and experienced psychonauts alike.


INTENTION | The Albino A+ is one of the intense types of albino psyilocybe cubensis. Our recommendation with an intense shroom is that it's a good idea to have some intentions for the trip ahead of time, even if it's just to space out and have an interesting experience. Some Albino A+ trip reports note that higher doses of this strain invite intense introspection and ego death. Some meditation time, and acknowledgement issues that may arise, will prepare you for the trip.

EFFECTS | Many describe this mushroom as having a very strong “mushroomy” flavor. If, like this writer, you’re not a fan of that flavor, brew a tea or a Lemon Tek to begin your trip. As with most types of albino psyilocybe cubensis, there is a possibility of some nausea. Users of the strain report shifts in thought processes and “decent hallucinogenic effects.” Heroic or macrodoses of this strain can cause ego-death, which is a draw for some, and a boundary for others.  


APPEARANCE | Albino A+ mushrooms, thanks to their leucism, are described as “one of the most beautiful, ghostly white” types of albino Psyilocybe cubensis. These almost albino shrooms have a slight blue tinge to them. When bruised or damaged, the blue color presents prominently.

DURATION | As with most P. cubensis strains, a “typical” trip lasts about 6 – 8 hours from ingestion to a return to reality. A further aspect of Albino A+ potency is that some trippers report that this strain takes effect much more quickly than most, with effects coming on in under 30 minutes. This is a good 20 to 30 minutes sooner than many other strains.


Albino A+ Potency
DOSE | As AA+ is considered a potent strain of magic mushroom, we recommend lower doses, in the 0.5g – 2g range for beginning or inexperienced users. The speed and intensity of this strain can even be overwhelming for experienced psychonauts, so I urge you to exercise caution with Medium to Heroic doses. Make sure that you're in a safe place, and if you're using the shroom for shadow work, have a sitter with you in case things get too intense.

Psychedelic Shrooms Albino A+ ($50 - 7g / $70 - 14g/ $130 - 28g)

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