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Recreational THC Infused Rice Crispy Snack Bites are Potent and will make you Laugh and Sleep!   Get them as a Single Serving (11g) for $5 each, added to a Donation order that is $30 or more.


Each Rice Crispy Snack Bite is $5 each and 11g in total.


These are Recreational, so THC Content amount is unknown, but they are very potent.

Tested, Perfected, Made Locally; these are the right Rice Crispy Snack buzz for a night on the town or a movie night home alone.

They help make DULL or STRESSFUL social events a helluva lot more fun and entertaining!!! 

Around 1 hour to feel it

Another 1 hour to the top

Enjoy waves and restful slumber at night!

Must be added to a Min Donation Order of $30

Recreational THC Infused Rice Crispy Snack Bites