Vape Pen W/Cartridge

The Clearstick V2 Kit

THE KING OF VAPORIZERS Most pens on the market are filled with a suspended crude extract like shatter or have a watered down form of distillate that is full of fillers. The reason for this is because the majority of pens on the market were actually designed for e-juice, not concentrates, so the product has to be diluted to work properly. After months of research we partnered with the leading company in concentrate vape technology and designed the ClearStick V2. Because the V2 is designed for distillate it hits harder than any other pen on the market AND we don’t have to dilute our product to make it work. The V2 provides the hardest hitting technology paired with the purest vape product on the market to give you an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Try it for yourself today and you’ll understand why it wears the crown, and why we call it the King.


The Clearstick V2 Kit is the simplest, most easy to use device on the market.  Simply attach the tip to the battery and the device is ready for use.  There are no buttons or on/off feature, so to use the device just suck through the mouthpiece and enjoy.  The LED light at the bottom will glow to indicate the device is in use.  As a safety feature the battery will temporarily turn off after 10s of use.


Comes with 1 cartridge of your choice. (THC, THC/CBD, or CBD) 

Cart : 0.8mg 510 theard count

Vape Pen W/Cartridge


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